Pilot Block

South End


The Pilot Block appeals to its roughly 1,000 residents for lots of reasons, from convenience and walkability to privacy and even tranquility. This family-friendly neighborhood offers no shortage of historic architecture. An abundance of green spaces mean dogs are welcome, too. Pilot Block’s residents take advantage of yoga, swimming, moviegoing, and more – all in their own distinctive neighborhood.


Pilot Block includes lower West Canton Street along with West Newton, Pembroke, West Brookline, and Warren Avenue. The neighborhood’s residents enjoy easy access to Dartmouth Square, James Hayes Park, and Harriet Tubman Square.


Pilot Block sees an average of fifteen sales per year, and properties go quickly, needing barely two weeks on the market before an offer is made. The neighborhood boasts an average square footage price of almost $1,100 for sales that exceed $1M.


With just over a thousand residents, Pilot Block’s average inhabitant is forty-two years old. Fifty percent of the neighborhood’s residents are homeowners, and restaurants and local boutiques cluster the southernmost end of this family-friendly neighborhood. Montgomery Park, a private park enclosed by private homes on West Canton, Montgomery and Dartmouth Streets, is in the middle of Pilot Block, though completely unbeknownst to most non Pilot Blockers.

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