Golden Triangle

South End


The Golden Triangle represents another premier Boston sub neighborhood. Populated by lawyers, tech employees, gallery managers, and finance experts, the Golden Triangle’s inhabitants are predominantly young professionals looking for easy accessibility to the Back Bay and Financial District not to mention the bounty of restaurants and bars that can be found within the South End. A growing number of “empty-nesters” are discovering the Golden Triangle and deciding that it offers many of the benefits of more traditional South End luxury locales at a discount to Back Bay pricing. A host of cultural offerings, distinctive eateries, and inviting bars and pubs make the Golden Triangle a great place to spend an evening – or a lifetime.


Bound by Columbus Avenue (our namesake!), Berkeley, Tremont, and Dartmouth Streets, the Golden Triangle doesn’t quuuite form a perfect triangle – but its residents appreciate its name nevertheless. Radiant with the bustle of Boston’s Back Bay, the Golden Triangle sits just south of the iconic John Hancock Tower and Back Bay Station, and just west of the storied Theatre District. Oft confused South Boston borders the South End to the east… good luck making sense of that!


 While studio apartments can be found for less than $500,000, the bulk of this market is made up of larger single families and luxury condos which trade between $2M and $4M routinely. In 2020, the Golden Triangle made up $41M of the South End’s $2M+ sales volume. Average price per foot in the neighborhood rose by over 16% to $1,318/SF (from $1,220 in 2019).




The Golden Triangle is host to a handful of high end eateries, resto-bars, and maybe even a dive bar (Delux Cafe!) . The Barcelona Restaurant and Wine Bar is Tremont’s latest exciting addition, while The Beehive, Picco and the Appleton Bakery & Café boast longtime local followings. The Golden Triangle’s population is just under 1,800 people, and the inhabitants of this dynamic district reside in some of the oldest and best preserved Victorian townhouses and brownstones in the United States.

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