South and east of Columbus Avenue, in the shadow of New England’s most stunning skyscrapers, an urban oasis of Victorian brownstones has not so quietly become one of the city’s most coveted neighborhoods. Rows upon rows of charming brownstone buildings now serve an increasing number of young, well-to-do families and city-starved Baby Boomers. The South End is home to 24,577 people (2010 census) and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Tremont Street, originating at Government Center and extending through the Downtown area becomes the undisputed “Main Street” for the South End once it crosses over Berkeley Street. The Tremont Street corridor is well known for its fine dining establishments. Sometimes referred to as “Restaurant Row,” the ¾ mile stretch from Berkeley to Mass Ave features more than 20 restaurants and coffee shops. Old favorites like Aquitaine, B&G Oyster and Metropolis have been joined more recently by new entrants like Ilona and Black Lamb among others. Other sub districts in the South End include the Golden Triangle (Ellis), SOWAEight Streets, the Pilot Block, Chester Square and the Worcester Square Area.


By now, most consumers who watch the high end real estate market around Boston know that the South End is a player. However, the time was not long ago that the South End failed to register on the collective conscience of most luxury home shoppers. A big part of the South End’s overall neighborhood appreciation rate in the past years has been in single family properties. While empty nester buyers were mostly flocking to elevator buildings around town, young, well to do families were lining up to purchase (and often renovate) single families in the South End. This crop of buyers is deciding that paying up to stay in the city is worth the price of admission when the alternative is a debilitating daily commute.

With hearts rooted in historical french cooking techniques and minds flying free with the contemporary cuisine of the future you are assured a meal that satisfies all your desires.

569 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02118


Located in Boston’s South End, B&B Oysters is chef Barbara Lynch’s modern take on a classic oyster bar.

550 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02116

(617) 423-0550




Barcelona is thrilled to bring the best of Spanish food, culture, and style to the historic streets of Boston’s South End.

525 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02116


Located in the heart of Boston’s historic South End, Boston Chops is an urban steak bistro—a casual yet refined twist on the splendor for which steakhouses are well-known.

1375 Washington Street, Boston MA


Cinquecento, which translates into 500 in Italian offers neighbors of this edgy community a contemporary, casual and energetic Roman Trattoria, perfect for a spontaneous night out or your go-to spot for dinner and brunch.

500 Harrison Ave., Boston, MA 02118


Coppa is an intimate enoteca tucked away on a quiet side street in Boston’s South End featuring Italian small plates by James Beard Award-winning Chefs Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette.

253 Shawmut Avenue, Boston MA 02118


Kava menu is comprised not only of replicated Greek recipes, but of food brought in directly from the Mediterranean.

315 Shawmut Ave, Boston MA 02118


The spirit and soul of the Orinoco river infuses our kitchens and guides our simple commitment to bringing you delicious meals at affordable prices, everyday.

477 Shawmut Avenue, Boston, MA 02118


Located in the heart of Boston’s South End neighborhood, Stella offers affordable and approachable Italian cuisine in a chic environment like no other in the city.

1525 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02118


A tribute to the old world European boucheries, The Butcher Shop is both a neighborhood wine bar serving a highly-seasonal menu that changes daily, and a full-service butcher shop.

552 Tremont Street, Boston MA 02118


The Gallows is a LOUD & WELCOMING hangout in the neck of Boston’s South End.

1395 Washington St., Boston


Toro is a Barcelona-style tapas restaurant located in Boston’s South End South. Traditional & modern Spanish-style small plates made with locally sourced and sustainable ingredients.

1704 Washington St., Boston, MA 02118


A neighborhood Mexican kitchen and tequila bar, The Burro Bar is the smaller sibling of The Painted Burro in Somerville. The bar features over 100 bottles that are “Burro tested and approved”.

1357 Washington St., Boston, MA 02118