North Slope

Beacon Hill


Beacon Hill’s quaint North Slope attracts a broad range of residents, from busy professionals and students to doctors, retirees and generational locals. This historic district is renowned for its appealing row houses and elegant, gaslit cobbled streets and brick sidewalks. History, hospitals and delightful architecture at every turn make this one of Boston’s most famous – and most visited – neighborhoods.


Nestled just south of Cambridge Street, the North Slope approaches the Charles River to the West and Government Center to the East. Easy walkability to the Financial District, Whole Foods, the Liberty Hotel, Mass General Hospital, and the State House make the North Slope one of Boston’s most convenient zip codes.


The appealing North Slope witnesses approximately seventeen sales over $1M on average during any twelve-month period. Typically, homes are on the market for just under eighty days before an initial offer is made. Luxury residences in the North Slope sell for around $1,255 per square foot. This area has seen a relatively significant increase of new builds since 2016 with larger buildings (5-10+ units) delivering luxury product to an area which had not seen as much of it in the last 25 years.


Beacon Hill is one of Boston’s most attractive neighborhoods, and it lends itself to supreme walkability. Though the North Slope is uniquely positioned to provide easy accessibility to Cambridge and Downtown Boston, it’s got a distinctively European feel. The North Slope’s streets are lined with elegant florists, booksellers, resto-bars and eateries, galleries, and more. As such, the neighborhood attracts business people of all kinds, plus an eclectic blend of students, families, and tourists.

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