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Columbus & Over Group does not aim to be the largest company in Boston, but we do aspire to excellence. We are highly selective relative to the talent we pursue. For us, it’s not as much about past sales volume as it is about a cultural fit within our team. We are as likely to recruit industry outsiders who have distinguished educational, professional and social backgrounds as we are to chase established agents.

We deploy leading productivity software to help our team share information. At the end of each day, we recognize that time and information are the most valuable commodities in the market. If we can save and share these equitably and efficiently we all stand to benefit.

Having fun and enjoying each day remains paramount at Columbus & Over. We aim to work with clients who respect our value and with colleagues who want to build each other up.

If you’re so inclined, please feel free to fill out the survey below. We’re always open to an initial conversation to see if there might be a fit between us.

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Interested in joining the COG team? At Columbus & Over, we value our agents just as much as we value our customers. Tell us why you would make a good addition to our team.